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WeiFang Kaide Plastics Machinery Co.,ltd company profile

company profile

Kaide Plastics Machinery Co.,ltd has more than 20 years' experience of plastics pipe extrusion machinery, especially for high speed pipe production line and composite pipe production line.

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At aims of "High Effective, Low Energy Consumption", started from 2001 year, The R&D team of KAIDE company has concentrated on studies of High speed plastics pipe production line, joined hands with Prefessor Wu, from Beijing Chemical University, successfully developed the first high speed PPR pipe production line in 2003 year, it is the milestone in KAIDE's history, and aslo brought huge influence to the fields of plastics machinery in China.

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Following this trend, with technology support from Beijing Chemical University, the high speed PEX-b pipe machine, high speed PE-RT pipe line, high speed glassfiber PPR pipe machine,High speed drip irrigation pipe machine were successively launched. Meanwhile, KAIDE is the ealiest factory who studied the extrusion technology of Composite Oxygen Barrier EVOH pipe in China, now owns the most matured technology of complex raw materials extruded. During this process, KAIDE has gains plenty of National Invention Patents.

And was awarded as Advanced Enterprise, National outerstanding Engerprises, Technology Contributions Prizes, High Technology Enterprises, Creditable Enterprises,etc .


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KAIDE also devoted himself to researching Multilayer composite pipe extrusion machine, such as 3 layers Glassfiber PPR pipe machine, 3 or 5 Layers PE-XB/EVOH pipe machine, 3 or 5 layers PE-RT Pipe Machine, 5 Layers Aluminum Plastics Pipe Machine (pex-al-pex pipe line, pe-al-pe pipe line, pert-al-pert pipe line, ppr-al-ppr pipe machine), already become the leader manufacturer of composite pipe making machine in China.


Now, KAIDE's pipe line series involves:

● Floor Heating Pipe Machine (PEX-B pipe machine/PE-RT Pipe Machine/Pex-al-Pex Pipe Line);

Water Pipe Machine (Glassfiber PPR Pipe Line, PB Pipe Line,EVOH Pipe Line,etc);

Irrigation Pipe Machine (Flat Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine, Round Drip Irrigation Pipe Machine);

Microduct HDPE Silicone Core Pipe Machine for Telecom Optical Fiber;

Large Diameter HDPE Pipe Production Line

LDPE Water Purifying Pipe Production Line

● Medical Tube Making Machine

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The machinery have been exported to many countries, such as: Russia, USA, Korea, Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, Cyprus, Morocco, Ukraine, Mexico, Estonia, Saudi arabia, Uzbekistan,Finland, Danmark, Swiss, Israel, etc,which has gained high reputation from the customers.


KAIDE's Professional R&D team, are continuously concentrating on optimizing of the technology to keep the leading position. The Whole process of machine manufacturing is under high quality control. From raw material purchasing, to components manufacturing, then to test running of the line, each point we have strict quality request, to make sure that a high quality product will be delivered to the customer; We cooperate with well-known enterprises for some electrics parts, such as: ABB, Siemens, Schneider,Autonics, SMC,Delta,ORMON,Eurotherm,PAKER, etc.






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  • 2001 year, KAIDE was estabilished. The Director, who has already 15 years experience, starting at his young age 18 years old, from his familiy bussiness. At that time, the team only 10 persons, for materials purchasing, for mechanical parts manufacturing, for line internal testing, for exploring the market, etc. It is hard beginning, but full of energy and hope. 
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  • 2003 year, KAIDE decided to do some research for new plastics materials extrusion, and multilayer co-extrusion, such Crosslinked PE-XB, Oxygen Barrier, etc. 


  • 2005 year, Cooperating with Beijing Chemical University, from the project of high speed pex pipe extrusion line, this year, KAIDE R&D teams with Professor Wu from Beijing Chemical University, to Germany to study the new technology of this crosslinked raw materials. 
  • 2006 year, the first high speed ppr pipe production line in China was born in KAIDE workshop, in sucession, the first high speed PP-R pipe line, High Speed PE-RT Pipe line sucessfully lanched. China WeiFang Kaide Plastics Machinery Co.,ltd company profile 1
  • 2007 year, KAIDE gained the New Inventation Patent and Modility Patent of Multi sheet Calibration and Water Baths Calibrator. 


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  • 2008 Year, KAIDE Start to invest the new fields of Agriculture Irrigation, for the trend of water sources lack gradually. 
  • 2010 Year, KAIDE Start to build the Overseas Sale department, for exploring the overseas markting, the first line is exported to Russia, Three Layers Glassfiber PPR Pipe Making Machine. 


  • 2013 Year, KAIDE is the Only Winner of the first prize of ‘China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award in plastic machinery field.
  • 2015 Year, Satistically, For high speed and Composite Pipe Extrusion line, KAIDE has the incomparable market share in China, more than 85%. Also this year, the high speed PE-RT Pipe line is able to normal running at speed of 50m/min, it is the top speed in China. 


  • 2017 Year, Cooperating with Beijing Chemical university, the Intelligent high precision Five Layers PA Nylon Oxygen Barrier Car Fuel Transporting tube line finished and sucessfull testing . 
  • 2018 Year, New Extrusion Technology Seminar of Intelligent, Automatic, Energy Saving was hold in KAIDE plastics machinery, it is the historical moment in plastics pipe machinery fields, it will be recorded as the new steps for automatical, entelligent, Engery-Saving . China WeiFang Kaide Plastics Machinery Co.,ltd company profile 3


  • To be continuing .......................... Always Lead, Never Follow ! China WeiFang Kaide Plastics Machinery Co.,ltd company profile 4










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Brands : KAIDE

No. of Employees : 100~120

Annual Sales : 8,000,000-10,000,000

Year Established : 2001

Export p.c : 60% - 70%

Main Customers: Junxing Group

Main Partners: Beijing Chemical University


Our Products Have Passed Many Certificates.

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